After my recent closet clearout and getting rid of some items that I forgot I had, I thought it would be a great time to do a spot of shopping and get some new essentials for winter. As much as we all transition from light to a bit heavier makeup and quite often more potent perfumes during colder weather, these are not exactly the ‘essentials’ that I have in mind.

After all, I would be able to survive the cold weather without an eyeshadow (well, just about…or would I?…) but take away my hot water bottle, or my cosy scarf and I’m lost. For me, essential item is one that I just simply cannot get away without, that is a Must, either in my skincare, wardrobe, or just everyday life. 

So let’s start with the skincare and bodycare. This, for me, is more important for the changing winter season that makeup, because my skin is also changing. I am slowly transitioning from an oily beast that I am to, dare I say, having a healthy glow and not so much shine. But my skin feels the cold every year and so I need to ensure I up my game where skincare and bodycare is concerned.
Here are my ‘ride or die’ essentials that I rely on:

Face cream – even my combo skin gets drier in colder weather, so my moisturiser has to be heavier, but not too heavy so as to make me shiny or prevent foundation from applying smoothly. Over time I used a number of ‘winter’ creams, but I feel like I found a perfect medium. This one from Biotherm is fantastic. It’s much thicker than my usual, summer moisturiser, but absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel very comfortable. It’s non greasy and non sticky, plus it has SPF15. Result. Available at Amazon, Biotherm, I usually stock up on this one on Duty Free as it’s quite pricy.
Hand cream – I carry a tube of it everywhere, wherever I go. I have some at work, mini version in my handbag, quite a few at home. The colder the weather, the drier my hands get, so applying a bit of cream often feels very soothing. I switch between usual, scented ones, like The Body Shop, L’occitane or Soap & Glory, to E45 when things get Really dry…

winter faves1

Winter essentials2
Lip balm – honestly, most of the time I can live without lipstick, but not without lip balm. After all, no lipstick would look half decent on my chapped and dry lips if I didn’t use some lip balm first. Again, they are everywhere I look. My lips are very dry for the most part, even in summer, so there is no way I could live without it in winter. My faves are from Carmex, Kiko (these are great, smell lovely, taste yummy and are slightly tinted),  Rodial and many more.
Body lotion – I have done an entire post on my favourite body lotions, so I’m not going to go too much into details, check it Here, these are still my favourites. Although I use them all year round, I feel like my skin literally soaks them up really fast when it’s cold, so I can go through a fair few in a cold season. They make my skin feel soft, comfortable and smell delicious.

Lip balms Rodial, Carmex and Kiko

Body butters Palmers and Laura Mercier

When it comes to fashion essentials, these are very simple, easy to wear with anything pieces, regardless of the time of year. I am very much in favour of simple style, easy, effortless and quick to dress up or down. My winter essentials are

Warm and chunky sweaters. A lot of them!!! I live in these for a good few months in a year. They’re so easy to put together with either skinny jeans or a skirt, some necklace to accessorize and voila. My favourite ones come from Zara, Topshop or Asos

Winter chunky jumpers
Scarves. I don’t like wearing hats. Ever since I was a kid, I hated having my head covered in winter, so the second I left the house for school, and was out of my parents’ view, my hat would land in my backpack. Not much has changed. Today, I don’t even bother most of the time, unless it’s Extremely cold. That’s probably why I always have to have my neck covered and warm, so the bigger and fluffier the scarf, the better. My latest addition is from Zara and it’s really huge, but so very snuggly and warm.

chunky knit scarves

Last category is miscellaneous but still things I have to have during cold weather and ones that are just simply very comforting and help me survive this cold, gloomy and dark winter time. These are like a little ‘pick me up’ items, simple pleasures, something I really look forward to when coming home after long, cold day.

Warm socks – as a person who always, Always has cold feet I just cannot go to bed and fall asleep without my socks on. Impossible. I end up getting up in the middle of the night, all confused and cold, looking for socks…so these are a definite Must Have in between my winter essentials. I buy mine at SockShop and wherever else I seem them. The fluffier the better.
Hot water bottle – because there is nothing better than coming back home from a long, cold day, jumping under the blanket, watching some Netflix and hugging one of those furry inventions. I love these for winter. My faux fur one is from Boots

Hot water bottle, winter socks
Tea –  I am a big coffee drinker and cannot function without my caffeine fix in the morning, but then, later in a day, especially when it’s cold and windy out there, I really appreciate a good old cup of hot tea. I love green teas in general although the flavoured, fruity ones also live in my cupboard, ready for when I need a ‘pick me up’ and ‘warm me up’ moment. I love the ‘Warming teas’ from Loyd with Ginger, Lemon & Honey, or Orange & Cinnamon.

LOYD and Lipton tea

This is it. My absolute essentials for the cold season. Regardless if I’m out and about braving the cold, or snuggling on the sofa on a day off, these are my true and trusted items that I can never be without. What are your winter essentials? Things you cannot be without?

Have yourselves a lovely, very cozy, warm and Merry Christmas xxx